Tax Services

We provide tax services to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations.  Our services include tax planning, tax preparation, and filings.

Complying with the tax law and being current on your taxes can be a daunting task.  Our firm is here to assist in your tax obligations by following these principles:

  • Listen and ask questions to really understand your current tax situation in order to formulate a solution that fits your tax needs.
  • Be your business partner and provide services beyond what you might expect from other tax preparers.
  • Help you understand the numbers and formulate strategies to reduce your tax obligations.

Non-profit organizations

Generally, the IRS requires every tax-exempt organization to file an annual informational tax return, with some exceptions.   The complexity of the required 990 forms and schedules increases as your organization grows both its revenues and assets.

We have a good number of clients in the non-profit sector and experience in preparing non-profit tax returns.  Our value-added in this area includes advising your organization on what to look for when management and the governing body are reviewing the tax return and recommendations on improving the process.


Personalized tax service that includes tax planning and preparation.  We review your business structure and provide a recommendation on the business structure that fits your situation and could bring tax savings for your business.

We provide tax services to sole proprietorship, LLCs, S-Corporations, and Partnerships.  Developing and maintaining a clear and accurate financial record is essential to maximize tax deductions. Our firm can assist you in creating a good financial system that makes it easy to track your financial records.


We service W2 employees, independent contractors, and US ex-pats. Our personal tax services include tax preparation and tax planning and strategies to reduce your overall tax liability.